So this happened today

Sometimes when you are a writer who spends a lot of time in imaginary worlds, they clash weirdly with the real world. On that note…


So this happened today:
I spent most of the day writing an erm, ‘love’ scene on my laptop, in my rental car during downtime at work. Then at one point, I gave a ride to two guys from the jobsite that I don’t know. They got in, sat down and looked through my windshield. I looked through my windshield.

Then all three of us realized that my whole windshield was covered with dry erase marker notes about my (cough) ‘love’ scene, at least five words of which should be censored from children. And right front and center were written the words: “USE SEX”

We all stared quietly for about half a second, and then I swiped my sleeve very quickly across the windshield, destroying my notes, and started the car.

No one said anything.

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