Scholarship for Editing Services

Something really cool happened today. Most of you know I work as a freelance editor as well as an author, a book coach, a biologist, and several other things my mother shouldn’t know about. (Just kidding, Mom, I swear. I have no idea why my bathtub is full of pythons. Maybe it’s a coincidence?)

One of my incredible editing clients was happy with an edit I did for her, and she chose to fund a scholarship so another writer who needed help with their manuscript could get it, whether or not it was something they could afford. I think that’s the kindest thing I’ve ever heard. The writing world is hard, and we need to stick together and help each other out.

The scholarship covers a first 50 pages assessment of your manuscript. You can read more about it, and my other editing packages, over here. I chose that package because the opening of a manuscript can make or break the whole piece in terms of nabbing an agent, a book deal, or a reader. Within the first fifty pages, I can discern most of a writer’s strengths and weaknesses, make specific recommendations, and point them toward the proper resources so they’ll have the tools to go after their writing dreams with a vengeance.

To apply for this scholarship, please RT my original tweet (here) about the contest, and then leave a comment telling me why you hope to/need to win this scholarship. If you’d prefer your reasons to remain private, feel free to use the “Contact Me” form on my website here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, feel free to post the scholarship link on Facebook, or text it to your writing friends–whatever technology you want to use to share the love is fine.

I’ll draw one winner and award the scholarship Friday, October 7.


Thanks again to the donor who funded this scholarship. They chose to make this gift anonymously, but karma knows who you are, my friend. May blessings find you.

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