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I don’t know how I missed Amazon’s greatest idea ever. As a huge fan of the Kindle Worlds program, this is a BIG statement from me. But somehow, I completely missed the introduction of Amazon’s newest reader-powered publishing program. I can’t believe that, not only have I passed on the chance to get to CHOOSE what awesome undiscovered books I’d like to see published, I’ve missed the chance to get FREE BOOKS!

*takes a moment to be disappointed in self*

So, here’s how the program works:


Browse new, never-before-published books.

Every book has 30 days to earn your nomination. Authors are submitting new books all the time so check back often.

Nominate your favorites.

When you discover a book that you think is great, nominate it and the book will be added to Your Nominations panel. Keep up to three books nominated at a time, and update your nominations whenever you want.



When a book’s 30-day campaign ends while in Your Nominations panel, your nomination is tallied and removed from your panel – freeing up that nomination for another book. You will receive an email to let you know whether your book has been selected for publication.


Enjoy free books.

As a thank you from us and the authors you support, you will receive an early, free copy of all the Kindle Scout books you nominated that are published. Continue to champion the books and authors you helped bring to life by leaving reviews and sharing with friends.


As a big fanfiction writer (and reader!) I’ve been growing more aware of the disconnect between what people WANT to read, and what is being published. For example: when readers like the book, they want it to be longer, but publishers limit word count scrupulously. Also, publishers tend to highlight plot and conflict, but readers care more about emotion and character, and (as readers have told me) many of us would like to see more moments in romance novels where the characters get to be together and be happy and interact with one another, instead of spending 95% of the novel tragically held apart by…*insert Conflict A*

So I’m hugely excited for the opportunity to get to tell the publisher (in this case, Amazon) what I WANT to read! Plus, my squishy little heart loves the idea of supporting the underdog: some great author who doesn’t have the connections to squeeze into the traditional publishing world. Readers get the books they want (and a copy for free!) and authors get a chance at publication AND promotional support without giving up 85% of the proceeds from their book. So much winning here!

To get started nominating books, click here. To increase the chances of the books you nominate getting published (remember, free book), share the link with everyone you know. This doesn’t cost you a thing, except a few minutes of your time. Unless of course you spend hours perusing all the books nominated…like I have been. Come on, it’s like a book lottery!

Of course, as it happens I already have a favorite amongst the books entered in the program. Check out  my next post for the info on Order Up by one of my favorite authors, Katie Golding.

Order up

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