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In Time We Trust Trilogy

Life is different for a vampire. Their uncounted days troop along until every novelty loses its flavor and the many cruelties of the world weigh ugly and deep on their memories. But sometimes, just when they think life has nothing more to teach them, they realize they have only seen the beginning of the design of their fate. And given time, beauty emerges from even the ugliest of circumstances.

In Time We Trust is a re-imagining of Season 5 without the tragic events of the finale: a fairy tale romance with the gritty edge of reality, spiced with sharp notes of humor amidst an adventure of screaming suspense.

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Book 1: Trust In Darkness

Summer is over and Damon is stuck in Mystic Falls with a brother who is determined to confront his Ripper side, a girlfriend hours away at college, and the return of an old friend with a complicated problem.

Even worse, their mind reading archenemy, Silas, has discovered all their secret fears and desires and he is vindictive enough to expose everything right before compelling them into the cage match of the century, no survivors allowed.

All Damon wants is as many stolen minutes as possible with Elena Gilbert, but first he must make sure his family is safe. But how do you defeat a foe that can command your every thought? And after Damon and all his loved ones are confronted with their darkest sides, will they be able to live with themselves? Only time will tell.

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Book 2: Trust In Fire

Damon finally has everything he’s ever wanted: Stefan is safe, Ric is alive, and Elena is back at his side. But the fragile peace in Mystic Falls is shattered when a mistake from the Salvatores’ past shows up and endangers what Damon prizes above all else: the love of his girl and the safety of his family.

He moves decisively to deal with the threat, but Elena’s reaction lets him know his problems are far from over. As he and Elena struggle to find balance together, Damon is drawn into his best friend’s fight for sanity, and when Ric asks him to do the unthinkable, he doesn’t dare refuse. In the midst of all this chaos, Damon is floored by the news that the vampire-hating Augustine Society is back and more powerful than ever.

He is terrified that his friends won’t stand a chance against the society’s army and when he’s proven right, none of them are prepared for the sacrifices they’ll have to make to escape with their lives.ITWT Cover-3 KW logo


Book 3: Trust In Betrayal

Damon and everyone he cares about are on the run from the Augustine Society, but their road trip is softened by romance when Damon and Elena take a new step in their relationship, Jeremy finds love in a place that is inconvenient for everyone, and Caroline begins to hint that companionship may not be all she wants from her best friend, Stefan.

For a moment, things are sweet for the Mystic Falls gang, but then disaster strikes from all sides and they are betrayed by old enemies and old friends alike. Damon disappears, abducted by rivals determined to change everything about him. Elena is forced to push the limits of her supernatural abilities as she races to find Damon before his free will and his love for her are erased forever.

When she finally gets to Damon, what she finds is the culmination of all her nightmares. But sometimes, just when it seems like everything is falling apart, it’s actually falling right into place.

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The Desperate Love Trilogy: 

A suspenseful and steamy exploration of the true nature of love and free will, friendship and sacrifice. Without a sire bond or untimely death to distract from the drama of Damon and Elena’s first few months together, this is Season 4 the way the fans would have written it, with lots of romance, action and a game-changing finale!

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Desperate Love, Book 1

Only a few days after her transition, Elena has finally gathered enough courage to face her feelings for Damon. Now, Damon will be forced to weigh his chance at happiness against his loyalty to his brother and his choice will leave everyone reeling. The whole Mystic Falls gang will have to draw together to help as Damon and Elena struggle to translate their unruly passion for each other into a relationship stable enough to withstand the constant peril of life in Mystic Falls. But with a mysterious new threat in town, will they have time for their moment in the sun before everything falls apart?

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Desperate Love, Book 2: Love Thy Enemy

How do you live when your every instinct is to kill those you love the most?

The Gilberts are struggling to maintain a tenuous balance as Jeremy’s Hunter urges grow stronger and Elena battles the overwhelming desires of a newly transitioned vampire. Damon is doing his best to teach Jeremy control and keep Elena safe from the brother she can’t seem to learn to distrust. But when a new vampire hunter vows to turn Elena and Jeremy against each other, will Damon will be able to pull them all through unscathed?

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Desperate Love, Book 3: The Price of Faith


Damon’s discovery about the Petrova doppelgangers has made him question everything, and he lashes out viciously in his grief. But Damon Salvatore is the least of Mystic Falls’ problems when a very old and dangerous adversary comes to call with a deal for Elena, Jeremy, Caroline and Tyler that speaks to the best and worst in all of them. As the gang debates morality and breaks out some major firepower, Damon is forced to enact his most daring plan to date, gambling the lives of everyone he loves as the most exciting book of the trilogy comes to its thrilling conclusion.

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Happily Ever After: Salvatore Style

A Companion Novel to The Desperate Love Trilogy

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This is a cute and comical look at life in the boarding house, where Damon/Elena and Stefan/Caroline are living happily ever after, along with their ragtag new extended family of ghosts and vampire hunters, bloodsuckers and humans.

Join them for many sweet Damon and Elena moments, some never-before-seen Salvatore brothers’ history, and lots of laughter in between. Especially after Caroline and Damon start a pranking war and the rest of the family gets caught in the middle of their increasingly bizarre shenanigans.
Laugh out loud funny and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, this story is for anyone who likes a little snark with their romance.

**This book is a companion novel to The Desperate Love Trilogy but can also be read as a stand-alone story.**

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Sanguine Veritas

Sanguine Veritas

What if vampires could taste your true nature in your blood? Would it bring you peace or sorrow, to know the truth?

Could it help Elena to choose which Salvatore she loves without destroying them both?

This short story starts with Damon and Elena sharing blood in the bathroom of the Grill in 04×02 Memorial. After that, everything changes as Elena tastes the blood of both Salvatores and faces some hard choices about herself and the boys she thought she knew so well.

Sensual and bitter, this story will overtake you.

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The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction-FREE!



This is set mid-Season 3 with an original plot that departs from canon. Rated for mature audiences only. Lemons!

Shirt Count: 25. That is all the shirts ruined by people through sex and violence in this story. If you only count shirts ruined by main characters, it drops the count to 14.

Damon has a new plan to kill Klaus. Elena’s trying to win Elijah over to their side, get Stefan back on animal blood and figure out her growing feelings for Damon. Romance, action, angst, steam, something for everyone!

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Extras for Inevitable!

Deleted Scene:     Angels, Devils and Brothers: Damon and Stefan talk about God. Inspired by 3×19. There’s a line in the Florence and Machine song that played during the Denver kiss scene: “the crashes are heaven, to a sinner like me.” Something about that line in conjunction with the almost sacred intensity of that kiss made me think that it would change a lot of things in Damon.

The Killer

Elena’s thoughts after 04×05 “The Killer.” Added scene, within canon. Rated for mature audiences due to violent themes and adult language.

She’s got a secret she’s keeping from everyone, even her diary, and it’s more complicated than you think.

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A lemony one-shot about Damon and (vampire) Elena sharing a feed, and the aftermath that helps her accept her vampire nature. Rated for mature audiences due to explicit sexual content and adult language.

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 The Better Angels of Our Nature

A Season 3 spin-off. Four chapter sequel to “Inevitable” but can be read as a stand-alone. Elena is human and she and Damon have been dating for a year. Rated for mature audiences due to violent themes, sexual content and adult language. One lemon.

Damon and Elena are a great couple: cute, passionate, content with each other. Until one day a chance conversation brings all the hidden flaws in their relationship to the surface.  How will they deal with the complications of his vampire nature? He likes to kill and use compulsion to drink from people, and she thinks it is wrong. Can she learn to accept him for who he is, or will he have to change to keep her love?

4 Chapters-Complete

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Pain Like a River

In the aftermath of 4×15 “Stand By Me,” Elena turns to Damon for the only kind of comfort she can accept, now that her humanity is lost, and it’s almost more than he can bear. But even with all they’ve lost, they’re not alone. Angst and love, Delena, Defan

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Tomorrow’s Rose

Stefan tells Caroline the story behind his rose tattoo. Meanwhile, Elena pulls an unexpected prank on them and surprises Damon with a gift. Sweet romance and humor with Steroline and Delena!

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Pain Like A River

In the aftermath of 4×15 “Stand By Me,” Elena turns to Damon for the only kind of comfort she can accept, now that her humanity is lost, and it’s almost more than he can bear. But even with all they’ve lost, they’re not alone. Angst and love, Delena, Defan

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Merry F-ing Christmas

Elena tries to drag all the grouchy men in the house into showing some Christmas spirit, with variable success, much sarcasm, and a lot of love. Rated “I” for Innuendo, and “T” because Damon can’t really behave himself. Not even on Christmas. Delena, Stefan, Ric, Jeremy. Happy snarky fluff

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What Words Can’t Say

Sometimes words only lead us astray. Damon and Elena seek their own truth in this steamy continuation of the final scene from 5×16 “While You Were Sleeping.” One-shot. Lemon.

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Tinkerbell Laughs

An expanded and revised version of scenes from 5×18, “Resident Evil.” Recent events force Damon to decide if Elena is his divine punishment, or his reward. As always, it’s her decision that will make or break him and he could never have predicted the choice she would make this time.

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After the tragic events of the Season 5 finale, Elena struggles to make peace with her new reality, and what she finds is both less and more than she could have hoped for. Post 5×22, “Home”

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Cruel World

Things are going a little too well and Damon’s suspicious. Fortunately, Elena knows just how to distract him and show him that this cruel world might just have a plan for him, if he could only open his eyes in time to see. Lemony fluff for frustrated DE fans!

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Fifty Shades Trilogy

A Whole New Box of Crayons

A fictional story about making Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie. Rated for mature audiences only.

David Tate just landed the lead role in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, but he’s not ready for the places that filming is going to take him. Do you have the courage to watch as the kinky world of Fifty Shades takes his mind apart, one piece at a time? His beguilingly innocent co-star, Julia, only drags him deeper into this imaginary world that exists a little more than it should.

What will this do to his relationship with Sophie, the beautiful actress he’s dating? Can he escape the darkness that’s blurring the line between his life and Christian Grey’s? Does he want to?

13 Chapters- Complete

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the Vampire Diaries, the Fifty Shades Trilogy, or any of their characters, dialogue or plot. In A Whole New Box of Crayons, David, Julia and Sophie are fictional, and my own creations, as is the setting and details of the filming of Fifty Shades Of Grey. All writing on this site is fictional, and any similarity to actual persons or events, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Just trying to have some fun here, folks! Let’s not sue. 

These stories may contain adult language, sexual themes, and violence.