Cheat Sheet for My Future PitchWars Mentee

I am going to tell you how to win PitchWars. Why? Because I want everyone to win! And while you can’t all be my mentee this year, you can ALL get agents. When I mentored in contests in the past, it broke my heart to see great writers with huge potential being held back by preventable mistakes. So I’m going to make it really easy on you (and really hard on me) by telling you all the tricks I use to decide which entries I don’t want. First, objective things. These are the things agents will also be looking for, and other mentors. This is good SH*T to know, whether you are submitting your manuscript to me for the PitchWars contest or not. Objective Things –Word Count: Know your genre and RESEARCH what is an acceptable word count for your...
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PitchWars Mentor Bio & Wishlist

Hello, PitchWars people! *Waves* I am a nomadic author/editor/tortoise biologist/outdoor sports junkie who lives the greater part of the year in tents. I adore books, enthusiastic (but not perky) people, and my pun-loving husband/partner in crime. I believe in doing what you want and paving your own way, and also in baby penguin GIFs. As far as my author alter-ego, you can check out my bio page for more details, but I’m agented, published, and have been writing and learning for a long time now. I started in fanfic, which I LOVE (any fanfic writers out there?). I also work as an editor/Book Coach with the amazing Author Accelerator Program. I’ve worked with a ton of writers of all experience levels. From the first page of their first ms to agented, published, and award-winning authors. I’ve even worked with writers...
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Romance In Real Life, with Sandra Reads & Reviews

In my Romance in Real Life series, I’ve been interviewing authors about reality in romantic fiction. But it occurs to me that it might be fun to ask a READER about their thoughts, too. So I asked Sandra of to come and share her thoughts. She’s a voracious reader of 250-300 romance novels a year, and in her real life is married to a hyper-intelligent and badass Spec Forces soldier, which made me think she might have a pretty fantastic perspective on reality and fantasy when it comes to romance. ♥ Sandra, recently, you wrote an amazing blog (linked here) about the hypocritical nature of romance readers demanding more realistic (read: imperfect) depictions of women’s bodies while still demanding chiseled six packs from all our heros. Is it wrong to have a double standard in our romance reading, with...
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