How to Turn a Partial MS Request Into A Full

So, your partial manuscript request just turned into a rejection rather than a full. Don’t worry, I have a plan. First, smash some shit. Look, I spent ten years in the counseling field, and I’m telling you, there IS no therapeutic modality equal to dressing like a panda and wrecking something loudly breakable (and hopefully cheap and easy to clean up). But once you’re done whacking ice blocks with a sledgehammer, your manuscript will be in exactly the same shape it was when you sent it to that last agent or Pitch Wars mentor. Note: Step away from the matches. AWAY. What next? Let’s break it down logically. If an agent requests a partial, it means they like your concept, they like your writing, and you passed all their auto-no red flag warnings. There are a ton of factors that...
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Good News & Bad News: Trends in Pitch Wars submissions

As some of you know, I mentored in FicFest earlier this year. It is a contest in the same vein as Pitch Wars (finalists receive mentorship before an agent round) so I was surprised at how many differences there were in the submissions I saw. First, the good news. After that I’ll talk about some tips that will help you get past an agent’s slushpile once Pitch Wars is all over. The Good News The good news is that Pitch Wars submissions were incredibly high quality. Much higher than the agent’s average slush pile. You guys are already going to beat out a lot of your competition, and I’m so freaking proud I could make embarrassing squealing noises, but I’m going to try to refrain and give you hard data instead. -Good queries: The majority of queries I saw were...
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Stats on Pitch Wars Submissions & Requests

I wanted to do a quick post on the stats for the entries I received in Pitch Wars (an online writing contest, for those curious minds who haven’t heard of it). I’ll touch on genre breakdowns, what genres I am requesting, and the quality of queries I saw. I’m not going to post my overall submission numbers, because as it turns out, Pitch Wars mentors are just as human (and therefore susceptible to the agonies and ecstasies of comparison) as the mentees are. What I will say is that if you subbed to me, barring the possibility of a battle for my final entry, you have a 1.7% chance of becoming my mentee. Which sounds terrible, unless you then realize that when you query an agent, you have around a .03% chance of signing with them. And if you get...
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