Should You Quit Writing?

I said I wouldn’t write this blog. PitchWars results are announced today, so a lot of people are writing encouraging blogs, and I bet they’re better at it than me. I excel at encouraging authors I know, because I won’t lie and they know this. Lying about writing serves no one. When I try to encourage people as a group, I can hear them in my head saying, “Listen, Lady, you haven’t read my book. So shaddup.” Plus, I always feel like I should have clouds and a soaring eagle in the background. This was *my* encouraging speech:   A preview of this outcome:   Unfortunately, then I wrote a few encouraging emails to individuals I DO know, and I realized I have something to say. Two somethings: one about my husband’s grandma. One about a terrible book. Once upon...
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Writing Sex and Violence: What your action scenes can teach to your “getting action” scenes

I had to write this post after a certain PitchWars mentor said that he was good at editing fight scenes, but would not edit a scene with sexy times. I stopped at that point to indulge in a little evil laugh, because I happen to know you use exactly the same techniques to write battles as orgies, and you run into some of the same barriers. So let’s look at what tips your suspense scenes can lend to your more intimate moments. ***XXX warning for adult content. Duh.*** Choreography- The Goldilocks method Everybody knows for a proper fight scene, you have to balance clarity with brevity. Pacing is the golden rule, because if you have a fight or a f*ck without urgency, it’s going to be laaaaaaame. So, if you can’t describe the positioning in a sentence, simplify it until...
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How to Turn a Partial MS Request Into A Full

So, your partial manuscript request just turned into a rejection rather than a full. Don’t worry, I have a plan. First, smash some shit. Look, I spent ten years in the counseling field, and I’m telling you, there IS no therapeutic modality equal to dressing like a panda and wrecking something loudly breakable (and hopefully cheap and easy to clean up). But once you’re done whacking ice blocks with a sledgehammer, your manuscript will be in exactly the same shape it was when you sent it to that last agent or Pitch Wars mentor. Note: Step away from the matches. AWAY. What next? Let’s break it down logically. If an agent requests a partial, it means they like your concept, they like your writing, and you passed all their auto-no red flag warnings. There are a ton of factors that...
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