Deleted Scene- Devils and Angels and Brothers

* This is a Vampire Diaries Fanfiction Inevitable Author’s Note:  This is set after 03×19 “Heart of Darkness” and before 03×20. It was originally written for “Inevitable,” but it didn’t fit in anywhere, and to be honest, it was inspired by 03×19, which never happened in the world of “Inevitable.” There’s a line in the Florence and Machine song that played during the Denver kiss scene: “the crashes are heaven, to a sinner like me.” Something about that line in conjunction with the almost sacred intensity of that kiss made me think that it would change a lot of things in Damon. Looking back at this piece now, it is an interesting character study of Damon to read before “Better Angels of Our Nature,” which is the sequel to “Inevitable.” Disclaimer: I don’t own the Vampire Diaries or any of...
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