Roadtrip Gambling: Deleted Scene to Desperate Love

Author’s Note: This is my first version of the Damon/Elena roadtrip- later changed to the Vampire Jesus conversation and explanation of Damon’s tattoo. I still like this version though, with Damon talking about why he loves his Camaro and why he left for Thailand. Roadtrip Gambling ELENA POV Once we’re alone in the car, I start to rethink my decision. We haven’t really talked since he got back from Thailand, and now it’s just the two of us for an overnight? And I agreed to go dancing? Dancing with Damon is risky. It makes me want to do things I shouldn’t. I watch him out of the corner of my eye and wonder how many of those things are still things I shouldn’t do. I don’t think I’m ready to sleep with him yet. I mean, I am, obviously, because...
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So this happened today

Sometimes when you are a writer who spends a lot of time in imaginary worlds, they clash weirdly with the real world. On that note…   So this happened today: I spent most of the day writing an erm, ‘love’ scene on my laptop, in my rental car during downtime at work. Then at one point, I gave a ride to two guys from the jobsite that I don’t know. They got in, sat down and looked through my windshield. I looked through my windshield. Then all three of us realized that my whole windshield was covered with dry erase marker notes about my (cough) ‘love’ scene, at least five words of which should be censored from children. And right front and center were written the words: “USE SEX” We all stared quietly for about half a second, and then...
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Deleted Scene- Devils and Angels and Brothers

* This is a Vampire Diaries Fanfiction Inevitable Author’s Note:  This is set after 03×19 “Heart of Darkness” and before 03×20. It was originally written for “Inevitable,” but it didn’t fit in anywhere, and to be honest, it was inspired by 03×19, which never happened in the world of “Inevitable.” There’s a line in the Florence and Machine song that played during the Denver kiss scene: “the crashes are heaven, to a sinner like me.” Something about that line in conjunction with the almost sacred intensity of that kiss made me think that it would change a lot of things in Damon. Looking back at this piece now, it is an interesting character study of Damon to read before “Better Angels of Our Nature,” which is the sequel to “Inevitable.” Disclaimer: I don’t own the Vampire Diaries or any of...
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