Falling In Love- Deleted Scene from Love Thy Enemy, Book 2 of the Desperate Love Trilogy

Author’s Note: This skydiving scene was originally part of Damon’s Dream Date, but the chapter was WAY too long (even before I wrote the bonus addition to it) so it got cut. But it is Delena going skydiving and realizing midair that they don’t know how to steer or land. Also, the name is so cheesy it is funny. Falling in Love “You know, the point of tandem skydiving is that you have an instructor with you. Because you don’t know how to do it,” I remind Damon again, raising my voice to be heard over the buzz of the plane. He gives me a dirty look. “You thought the perfect date would be you strapped to another guy? Do me a favor, Elena? Let me do the thinking from here on out.” I glance out the window, trying not...
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