Desperate Love featured on Hush Hush Biz

Great news! The Desperate Love Trilogy has been featured on The Hush Hush Biz book review blog. A quote from the review: “Over the trilogy, Hazen spins a web of intrigue, lies, trust, and admiration. The emotions are high and the love scenes are hot. Vampires have never been this good before.” Check it out at:    0

Looking for Quality Vampire Diaries Fanfiction?

If you’ve already seen my full list of published Vampire Diaries fanfiction on my Kindle Books page, and you’re still aching to spend a little more time with our favorite characters in Mystic Falls, take a peek at these incredible stories on Amazon Kindle Worlds. These are the best of the best, my friends, for writing quality, characterization, enjoyment of plot, good dialogue…all my favorite ingredients. My reviews for all of these books are posted under my own name in the reviews section on the Amazon page for each book, so you can read my full thoughts there. Click on any of the book cover images to view that title on Amazon. The Sounds of Tomorrow by C.L. Marlene: A sweet and romantic look at the first few days of Damon settling into his new life, now that he’s got...
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Season 5 Rewrite Now in Progress!

Anybody sick to death of Qetsiyah, doppelganger hijinks, and stingy Delena time? Fear not, I’m on the case. I have a brand new story on-going, my full-length Season 5 rewrite, where I give the characters a little more time to grow and reflect, a lot more time to cuddle and (ah-hem) other things, with PLENTY of word count left over for a little upbeat ass-kicking. In Time We Trust AU Season 5 with more action, more romance, more bromance & less plot weirdness! Damon & Elena are just settling into their happily ever after when Silas uses intense cruelty to force Damon & Jeremy to do his bidding. Meanwhile, the gang faces tough choices as they try to define their lives again after all they’ve lost. But is having eternity an ally, or an enemy? Only time will tell. Rated...
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